Al Tofola International Company, Al Ayuni Group
 P.O. Box 4727, Riyadh 11412
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 Tel: +966 920000829
 Fax: +966 1 2160031



Al Tafoola International Education Company

Al Tofola

A closed joint stock company headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which provides all services for childrens from the age of 3 years and up to 14 and through a variety of programs of education, entertainment and training, as well as products. The company aims to provide the best educational services, training and entertainment in the Arab world by providing the highest quality programs backed by the latest teaching techniques in an environment full of joy and happiness rich stimuli learning to build a balanced represents the values of Islam, and that the company focused all its activities and programs to children and mobilized for which all the potential and experience and studies and their relations to make for our children's worlds spacious of fun, learning and Iassanon their future into their own hands.

The company has adopted a set of strategies that will move the mission and programs, projects, tries to success by providing a creative environment, studies and field surveys and research as well as to attract the best expertise and personnel in the field of childhood from within and outside the Kingdom.

In terms of the buildings came buildings childhood centers to clearly reflect our focus on children; Vtsamimha architecture and location unique characteristic, and the details of the internal pronounced pleasures of childhood are filled with joyful colors catalysts to accelerated Learning and acquisitions masterly skills and positive trends.